Thank goodness we have water

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It’s a lazy Sunday at my end and I’m writing my first blog entry. I don’t want to just babble away, I want to share things I consider useful or important. So this first one has to be about water. There are two things which might seem obvious but are ignored; I can confirm them with own experience.

First, a health tip. It is important to drink water. The best is bottled still water, however, here in Scotland you can get water of decent level of cleanliness and not bad taste from the cold water tap (provided the pipes are not lead) and this is what I do.

water flowing from tap

Usually the first point they make in articles on healthy lifestyle is that you should drink 2 litres of water per day and that includes juice and herbal teas etc. I only appreciated it when I started getting these horrible headaches. All my GP had to say was “drink water”. “Thanks a lot” I thought and felt like laughing (or crying) but then I started having water instead of my six cups of weak tea per office day. It was a marvelous discovery when I knew it had helped! (Oh, I have to add, those fizzy drinks do you harm you don’t even realise plus – did you know – a can of coke contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar!)

Secondly, a beauty tip. So simple but not many appreciate that cold water is the best face toner. You know how there are three steps to a healthy, fresh, spot-free face? You cleanse it first and at the end splash lots and lots of clean cold water on your face to tone the skin, gently dry it with a towel and then apply moisturiser. Cold water closes pores and freshens up the skin; it induces blood circulation (again, makes you feel refreshed) and also reduces swelling and appearance of dark circles under the eyes. You can give up your toning liquids and save some money. Brilliant, huh? Works for me, anyway!

Water droplets

P.S. Just watched news on BBC and tonigth they talked about shortage of water in China. How lucky are we to have it in abundance!


One Response to “Thank goodness we have water”

  1. Kate Says:

    i use cold water to tone my face – my gran gave me this advice and she’s always had beautiful skin!

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