Salsa dancing in Edinburgh

I am going to salsa class tonight! It’s fun and… I also count it towards my weekly excercise routine. No, it’s not cheating at all, during class you can actually get sweaty at times!

If you are looking to learn or practice salsa in Edinburgh, I can recommend a couple of places. These are mostly drop-in classes, so you only pay if you show up. There is a good class in Cuba Norte in Morrison Street. It is tought by Orlando who is from Puerto Rico – he knows his moves! He is nice and funny. The atmostphere there is great!  Classes are from Monday to Thursday from 7 p.m. and there are three levels of difficulty (beginners, improvers and intermediate). There is usually a dance night after all the classes. The good thing is you don’t need to worry about lack of a partner – you just need to bring your enthusiasm.

Another class I can definitely recommend is lead by Sagi in City Cafe near Hunter Square. It used to be on the ship-restaurant “Cruz” at the Shore. This one also takes place on weeknights. Once a week they do rueda class which is another kind of salsa (main difference: it is danced in a circle). Rueda is brilliant fun, especially with Sagi who has an amazing personality. If you want to have a peek at his website, go to Salsasuave. (This was actually my favourite class but the times don’t suit me any more.)

A friend of mine goes to Jongleurs Comedy Club at Omni Centre to learn salsa and, judging by her dancing abilities, the teacher (a Scottish guy called Gerry) must be alright but I have heard from reliable sources that he’s sleazy and keeps asking girls if they want to have one night stand with him. Honest. On one occasion I have seen him in action myself. I’m not planning to go to Jongleurs any time soon…

Just last week a new class started in Medina, near Bristo Square, with a sweet girl called Paola, and this one I think is mainly for beginners. I’m sure they also have some evening class in El Barrio in Rose Street, although every time if went there it was full of women following the steps of some hot tanned guy. Too crowded anyway.

I bet this is not all. Plus, if you are looking to enroll in a regular class, the best place would probably be Dancebase in Grassmarket.

If you can recommend any other course, please let me know!



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