Someone has to say this

A few weeks ago they were showing this general on BBC saying that he asked Gordon Brown for further 2,000 troops to be sent to Afghanistan, and felt he had to step down having been refused. (Articles can be found on this, e.g. on BBC website.)

After a while, the prime minister agreed to deploying additional 500 soldiers. Now why was this not done straight away? Why only a quarter of what had been requested? Gen Sir Richard Dannatt would not have asked for more soldiers, had he not consider it crucial. And one would think he had first hand experience and knowledge on the subject, being in the front line, and should know better what is needed than someone stuck in an office.

It seems that they don’t really want to end this war. They want to keep it going. (I am not trying to say it is easy to end it and bring peace in Afghanistan.) Did you never wonder how much of your country’s income  comes from the arms industry? Have you ever checked if your money is not being invested in the arms industry?

Information on military expenditure and arms trade are being gathered by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. However, as SIPRI informs, their military expenditure data are based on open sources and a voluntary questionnaire. It’s like you wanted to know how many Poles there are in your city and official figures would tell you e.g. 11% but when you’re walking  down the street every third person you pass seems to be speaking Polish. Still, you can find out many interesting details from their reports.

Of course no sane company director will admit investing in warheads, and it is very difficult to find realistic data on it, too.

I am deviating from the topic now, my point is war means business for some, and suffering for others. Those profiteering from other people’s misery have no conscience. First step towards improvement is being aware of what’s really going on.


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