I’m telling you, try the duck at Cafe Marlayne

If you live in Edinburgh and your girlfriend appreciates good home-made food, but you don’t feel like cooking on that particular evening, take her to Cafe Marlayne.

I first came across it while browsing online reviews, looking for a place  to eat for a small family celebration.  People left praising comments but I never went there until recently. I was wondering around the city and got starved in the end, and remembered about this small, family-feel restaurant in Thistle Street. I love its cosiness, and I am sure that the manager is also the chef.

They managed to find us a table on a Saturday, although we did not have a reservation. We had only an hour (we had tickets to a festival show) so we went straight for the main course. We got some amazing fresh bread with butter, before our main meal came. And the duck breast was won-der-ful! The skin was brown and crispy and the meat was pink in the middle. It was served with red cabbage (just how my gran makes it) and accompanied by seasonal vegetables on a separate plate and young potatoes on another one.

The trick is, they change they menu every week; plus it is hand written and hard to read, haha! If you have the option then, go for the duck!


One Response to “I’m telling you, try the duck at Cafe Marlayne”

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