How do you hide a penis?

In today’s world this question is not absurd at all!

Me and my friend were watching an episode of her favourite series on DVD and in this episode there was a lawyer dating this beautiful woman without knowing she used to be a man and that she still had a penis. She wore very tight skirts and we were wondering how it was possible it did not show the bulge.

I remember a rock band in the 90s (?) which posed for a nude photo, only with their guitars I think; they were all guys and had their private bits tucked in between their legs so that you could only see their pubic hair. (This by the way is called “mangina“, a new term I just learned from my workmate when I asked him if he remembered the name of the band.) This is one way of hiding a penis, I imagine, however, you would not be able to move freely like that.

My friend suggested perhaps one would use an elastic band to strap one’s penis to one’s thigh. Another solution, still not very comfortable.

Does anyone have any knowledge on the subject and would like to share?


One Response to “How do you hide a penis?”

  1. Zan Says:

    hmm, very interesting issue touched here. wish i could help but ‘mangina’ term is very distant to my the subject deeper:)

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