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Triumph Herald

November 30, 2009

My dad had one of those when I was small and to me it’s the most beautiful car. Ours was white and black, sort of split lengthways, and I remember these tremendous “wings” at the back. He had to sell it (it was hard to “forgive” my dad this treason) as he had less and less time to look after it and endlessly repair it and change parts and upgrade.

Classic British cars are easier found in Britain than Poland (surprise!) and I took photos of them, whenever I saw one, on my mobile phone. I’ve got two here: the first one is a Triumph Herald, the second one a bright red Spitfire.

Shopping in Glasgow

November 29, 2009

Christmas shopping frenzy has started! British people love to buy, buy, spend, spend and I was a witness to it in Glasgow yesterday. From what I have heard, the streets of Edinburgh were even more busy with shoppers on this last Saturday of November.

Shopping requires a lot of energy – a fast food meal will help you last longer.

Accidently we found a very charming and more classy Princes Square mall. To me the entrance resembled a door to a fancy restaurant and does not give away there is plenty of shops and even cafes inside.

When we came there was a choir singing and then a children’s orchestra playing in the courtyard, adding to the charm.

We eventually got hungry and got pointed in the direction of the Merchant City. As you enter through an arched gate, it looks like there are thousands of stars in the sky although it is only 6 o’clock. I loved it!

After initial disappointment (we didn’t find what we were looking for, shops were all the same as in Edinburgh, we did not buy anything! plus my shock at how cheap the Glagow Fraser’s looks inside) I was happy to discover there are some very charming places to shop in in Glasgow.

Silly photo format of 4.5 x 6

November 26, 2009

You might not know that your camera is taking 4.5 x 6 format of photos (4/3 ratio). Apparently for a few years now it’s been the ‘new’ standard for digital p&s (point and shoot) cameras. This might lead to two issues:

1) Most consumer printers  like Boots, Jessops, Snapfish will print your photos in the standard 4×6 size and automatically crop off two sides of the image.
2) If you somehow manage to get 4.5 x 6 print outs, it might be a struggle to find an album or photo frames for them.

My boyfriend got a Sony Cybershot camera for his birthday and indeed, it takes these silly format photos. I have been cropping them with help of computer software to make sure the part I want gets left out.  It is a tedious job.

For owners of a Sony-Ericsson mobile phone – your mobile phone camera takes 4.5 x 6 shots, too. As does mine, example below.

Dave Loew plays cello

November 25, 2009

I must email Dave Loew the photos I took of him. I wanted to email him ages ago but every time made excuses like: perhaps I should listen to his music first and be able to complement him on it more, and that would make a nice email.

I met him while he was promoting his album in Edinburgh and he was extremely nice to me. He played beautifully. It’s a shame cello is not more popular.


November 24, 2009

Another weekend gone by, spent playing with Photoshop.  I have to say, the idea of layers is just amazing. I love working with layers!

This is what I managed to achieve anyway (just one example here). From original photo looking like this:

glammed up with the view over the Firth and Chisholm Ancient Hunting tartan pattern:

Pumpkin and whisky

November 21, 2009

My former flatmates came to visit. I have to say, it was nice and it appeared we had a lot to catch up on.

As I still had half of a pumpkin to use, I decided to find another pie recipe and try it out on my friends (how cruel!). The recipe said to serve the cake with double cream whisked with 50 ml of whisky. What my guests commented on the cake was something in the line of “you cannot go wrong with alcohol”!

The reaction to the cous cous, almond and raisin stuffed chicken breast for main course was luckily much better.

Enhancing old photo

November 20, 2009

That was a few days ago. I spent an entire evening correcting a photo of my friend’s mother-in-law. My eyes were sore but it was worth it, I’m happy with the results. More importantly, she was happy with it and even gave me permission (on behalf of the person on the photo) to put it on my blog and future website.

Pumpkin Cheescake part 2

November 18, 2009

In the end, I decided to take some photos of my cake. After all, this is meant to be a bl**dy photoblog!

Pumpkin Cheesecake

November 16, 2009

I brought a box of biscuits to work today, cause me and my boyfriend are on a diet. I also baked pumpkin cheescake yesterday. What… We are on a diet! It’s just “good homemade food” diet.

I found the pumpkin cheesecake recipe on Polish blogsite Every Cake You Bake (whose author in return took it from Joy of Baking) and it tastes AAA-MAY-ZING. To me t’s like a creamy equivalent of gingerbreads, with a pumpkin twist.

While looking for a recipe I discovered how many people write cooking blogs and how very successful they are with it. Some of them could be professional chefs and great food photographers at the same time. Many of these bloggers live in Poland. I don’t even dare to try and take photos of my cheesecake. It doesn’t look as impressive as the one on Every Cake You Bake. Nevertheless, I promise it tastes as good!

Scottish playgrounds are the best

November 12, 2009

This evening I’m reminiscing the summer and our little trips up north, usually ending in one of the playgrounds. Cause this is what people in their (late) twenties do!

Playground Burnt Island

Playground Burnt Island

Playground Burntisland

And Scotland has some truly “designer stuff” when it comes to playgrounds…

Playground Kinross

Playground Kinross

Playground Kinross

…so if you ever have an opportunity, grab it!*

[*Disclaimer notice: author of this blog does not take responsibility for people’s broken bones, wounds or fatal accidents as a result to listening to the above advice.]