Want fresh sumptuous veg and fruit? Go to Culross

Lets assume that you live in Edinburgh (like me) and you are looking for a fresh produce market like the one in the village where your parents live (like I was).  Or a market in the likes of Portobello Road in London.

Look no further! I have found them for you!

• You can either go to East Fortune Sunday market located near the Museum of Flight, where you will get seasonal fruit and veg much cheaper than in the supermarket and, what is more important, fresher – bigger – juicier! and (sorry but I hate this word) organic!

• Another option is to go to Farmers’ Market at the foot of Edinburgh Castle (Castle Terrace) but – careful – it is there only on Saturdays from early morning till 2 p.m. If you come after 2, you will only find a little “Police Box” coffee stand and the remaining stalls being packed.

Farmers Market

• If you don’t mind travelling a bit further (you will need a car), go to the amazing garden in Culross. It is just a 45 minute drive from the centre of Edinburgh. If you are lucky, you will find the entrance behind the yellow Culross Palace. Culross GardenAs you go in, there is a little stall and an honesty box. They collect ripe fruit and best veg of the season; you take whatever you like and put money in the box. When I went there with friends at the beginning of October, we took someCulross garden stall potatoesapples which proved slightly sour (perfect for a pie!), a gorgeous huge courgette, suede and a big kohlrabi.

We wandered between the vegetable beds enjoying the rare Scottish sun, and further up onto the higher level where you can rest on a little bench and watch the tide coming into the Firth of Forth. On the way we ate white grapes from the vine – so delicious – and blackberries. We then went to the nearby coffee shop and had their wonderful cake (we had to try all kinds available and they were all absolutely gorgeous).

Kulka tasting grapes

Culross is a charming little gem of a place and has much more to offer than just a vegetable garden. But about that – some other time.

By the way, the place is my little secret so don’t tell anyone!


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