Pumpkin Cheesecake

I brought a box of biscuits to work today, cause me and my boyfriend are on a diet. I also baked pumpkin cheescake yesterday. What… We are on a diet! It’s just “good homemade food” diet.

I found the pumpkin cheesecake recipe on Polish blogsite Every Cake You Bake (whose author in return took it from Joy of Baking) and it tastes AAA-MAY-ZING. To me t’s like a creamy equivalent of gingerbreads, with a pumpkin twist.

While looking for a recipe I discovered how many people write cooking blogs and how very successful they are with it. Some of them could be professional chefs and great food photographers at the same time. Many of these bloggers live in Poland. I don’t even dare to try and take photos of my cheesecake. It doesn’t look as impressive as the one on Every Cake You Bake. Nevertheless, I promise it tastes as good!


One Response to “Pumpkin Cheesecake”

  1. komarka Says:

    Dziękuję Ci za miłe słowa 🙂 Miałam nadzieję, że sfotografowałaś swojego serniczka i poślinię się tutaj do niego 😉 Cieszę się, że smakował. Bo też uważam, że smakuje amazing 🙂 Pozdrawiam!

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