Silly photo format of 4.5 x 6

You might not know that your camera is taking 4.5 x 6 format of photos (4/3 ratio). Apparently for a few years now it’s been the ‘new’ standard for digital p&s (point and shoot) cameras. This might lead to two issues:

1) Most consumer printers  like Boots, Jessops, Snapfish will print your photos in the standard 4×6 size and automatically crop off two sides of the image.
2) If you somehow manage to get 4.5 x 6 print outs, it might be a struggle to find an album or photo frames for them.

My boyfriend got a Sony Cybershot camera for his birthday and indeed, it takes these silly format photos. I have been cropping them with help of computer software to make sure the part I want gets left out.  It is a tedious job.

For owners of a Sony-Ericsson mobile phone – your mobile phone camera takes 4.5 x 6 shots, too. As does mine, example below.


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