Shopping in Glasgow

Christmas shopping frenzy has started! British people love to buy, buy, spend, spend and I was a witness to it in Glasgow yesterday. From what I have heard, the streets of Edinburgh were even more busy with shoppers on this last Saturday of November.

Shopping requires a lot of energy – a fast food meal will help you last longer.

Accidently we found a very charming and more classy Princes Square mall. To me the entrance resembled a door to a fancy restaurant and does not give away there is plenty of shops and even cafes inside.

When we came there was a choir singing and then a children’s orchestra playing in the courtyard, adding to the charm.

We eventually got hungry and got pointed in the direction of the Merchant City. As you enter through an arched gate, it looks like there are thousands of stars in the sky although it is only 6 o’clock. I loved it!

After initial disappointment (we didn’t find what we were looking for, shops were all the same as in Edinburgh, we did not buy anything! plus my shock at how cheap the Glagow Fraser’s looks inside) I was happy to discover there are some very charming places to shop in in Glasgow.


One Response to “Shopping in Glasgow”

  1. Rudziak Says:

    Kochana! Pomysl co sie w Londynie dzieje! Ale foteczki… No niczego sobie… Takie tylko pytanko: a ty nie buy, buy, buy and spend, spend, spend?

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