You make it real for me (James Morrison in Glasgow)

The concert was on 3rd December and it was very exciting. I had not managed to get the tickets until two days beforehand – I was very happy I could go. I like his songs – perhaps they are not mind-blowing but it’s still a piece of good pop music.

He started with the song Save yourself and played a few other songs from the most recent album.

Oh, and his granny is from Glasgow. And that called for Once when I was little.

He played my favourite You make it real somewhere in the middle of the show and I could see I was not the only one who liked it but at least I did not squeel, squick and scream!

The public went really crazy when he sung Broken strings.

Encore was a must. He did the best cover of Jackson’s Man in the mirror I’ve heard. And then he played a few more songs. Yay!


One Response to “You make it real for me (James Morrison in Glasgow)”

  1. Radek Says:

    Kurde mloda, tak pedzisz z tym blogiem ze nie moge dogonic 🙂 Good job!

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