Did you know there is war going on in Yemen?

Me neither. Because British media don’t talk about it. It’s more important to report who dropped out of Strictly Come Dancing or who Jordan is dating. Nothing about this war. Media feed us ignorant pulp. Great…

It really bugs me that injustice still happens in so many places in the world. And that no one knows apart from the sides involved. Or the bad guys give us a distorted picture of events. Bush and Blair invaded Iraq although there was no chemical or nuclear weapons of mass destruction and they are admitting now, after three years, that they were lying. Politicians lying – what a shock… What’s really shocking is that they got away with it!

The fights in the northern Yemen started after Saudi Arabia’s extremist Wahabi tried to convert  Yemeni farmers (of Zaidi Shia religion) into their own “religion”. So now they are trying to force it upon the poor Shia farmers. They are cowardly attacking civilians and people praying in their mosques. They have forced  Yemeni government to help them and have also got help from the American army. The clashes have continued for roughly four months now but Yemeni farmers have managed to resist so far. By the way, there is another struggle taking place in the South.

Want to watch it on BBC? No chance. Go to youtube. It is important to know what’s going on. And then maybe you can help.


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