The Elephant House Cafe, Edinburgh

There are at least a couple of cafes in Edinburgh that claim to be the places where J K Rowling created Harry Potter and was writing about his adventures (just like every other older Edinburgher claims Sean Connery worked as a milkman in their street). One of them used to be a cafe in Nicolson Street, currently a Chinese buffet called Buffet King. The other one is The Elephant House located in George IV Bridge.

All I can say, the place is cosy, serves good cakes and coffee (and if you’re a fan of hot chocolate like me, Choc-Issimo is a must) and this is good enough for me! [P.S. To get an idea of what sweets you can choose from, have a look at the bottom of photo gallery on their website. But that’s a secret.]

05 Feb 10
Anyone interested in the subject of Harry Potter’s birth place, please check the comments to this post.

2 Responses to “The Elephant House Cafe, Edinburgh”

  1. Miss Edinburgh Says:

    The cafe she originally wrote in is back to being a cafe again. Chinese buffet has gone and it’s called Spoon Cafe (formerly in Blackfriar’s Street). Does excellent food, has wi fi and 100 covers and they are happy for people to write in there again. It was here that she wrote the majority of her books as they allowed her to sit with a coffee for the whole day and keep warm with her baby.

    The Elephant house has said for years it’s the birthplace of Harry Potter, but all local people know she never wrote there.

    • anna.drops Says:

      Wow, thanks for the update! Much appreciated.
      I am really glad the buffet has gone and a cafe is back in that spot! And I promise to visit it soon and write all about it.

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