Good food at Khushi’s, Edinburgh

On Saturday my boyfriend finally took me to Khushi’s. This was after half a year of him saying “the food there is great” and me replying “I’m not a fan of Indian” (as I don’t like spicy food). However, I got persuaded and did not regret it.

After you order, they bring you poppadoms and two dips, one sweet, one yoghurty with spices – both I thought were yummy. For starter we had marinated cheese which again came with a dip. It was nice but very spicy (my sweetie carved out the outer bits so I could eat the inside which was milder; win-win as he likes spicy and ate the edges and I had the centre bits). The most delicious part was the mix tandoori we had for main course – there were lamb chops, pieces of chicken, prawns and kebabs, all were absolutely gorgeous! We also had chicken korma (for my sake) and it was tasty, too, very mild.

Unfortunately we didn’t have dessert as we were both so full but that’s not a problem as we will definitely go back. The food was absolutely delicious, the prices not too bad.

The restaurant used to be located in this enormous, beautiful building with high ceilings in Victoria Street. Because of a fire they had to move to a less impressive place in West Nicholson Street in Newington. Luckily, the chef and staff are the same.


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