The secret to being young

It was fascinating to watch and listen to Joan Collins talk about her life on Saturday night chat show with Piers Morgan. She looks incredible at 76. It appeares she’s been through a lot, and she spoke from own experience. I thought she was talking with self-confidence but not boastfully, and looked radiant and like someone who is enjoying life. Would I be taking it too far if I said she sounded honest, too? And her stories were very interesting.

My question is: does she have the secret of youth? One way or another, there are some good points to be made.

1) An old saying “the person who is young at heart also looks young” seems very valid here. Somehow the positive attitude towards things, difficult situations, other people, can take years off one’s physical appearance. Another thing is charisma, that sparkle in the eye, that can add to the impression and make you look young despite wrinkles.

2) From what I could tell, Joan Collins had the ability to move on after unpleasant events in her life and not to waste time on anger, grief or pity. (Still, she did draw conclusions. I loved her spirit.) That allows one to focus on the positives, and we are back to point one.

3) The last thing I want to point out is how beneficial it is to stay out of sun. The fact that sun is the main factor causing ageing of skin is widely underestimated – take a look at the sunbed junkies! It might be just my impression but I think people here in Scotland look younger than e.g. their peers in Italy, and you have to admit, there is not much sun here.

For the finishing line I left another thing that Joan Collins said and I liked it very much: “Show me a person who hasn’t made mistakes and I will show you someone who has not lived”.

What do you think?


2 Responses to “The secret to being young”

  1. Kate Says:

    it’s true it is better to stay out of the sun! that’s why British people have younger looking skin, cause you don’t get many sunny days on the Island! additionally, i use sun screen, especially in the summer. my friend recommended to me Soleil Matt Fluid (you can get SPF 30 or 50) which you can get in Tesco for £8 (at the moment on sale at £4) – it suits my skin and helps preventing it from getting wrinkles and horrible brown sunspots on your face!
    just wanted to share this. you don’t have to buy creams at £30 or more a jar to maintain healthy good looking skin!

  2. hashimoto Says:

    greats tips excellent post

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