Ryanair – cheap flights?

A 0,5 litre bottle of water on a Ryanair flight costs £3 or 10 Polish zlotys (flight on 10th April). Water, which you cannot take with you through customs control (remember the 100 ml liquid rule?), which is also relatively expensive at the airport, and which should be – as my friend said – a basic human right.

I have two questions or perhaps postulates. Firstly, why the person who introduced the 100 ml liquid-in-hand-luggage rule cannot make sure that this rule is not abused by some? The same person should make sure that water is available at normal prices and people are not getting dehydrated.

The other postulate is aimed at cheap airlines: why not be honest with your clients and include the cost of luggage, online booking, water and using the loo in your ticket price? You will still be cheaper than the ‘big’ companies. Instead you come up with ideas how to earn money on otherwise almost unprofitable flights.

Ryanair charge £5. for taking an online card payment, not giving clients other payment options. They also harass passengers during flights, trying to sell them sandwiches, perfumes and souvenirs, announcing it very loudly through the speakers a few times during the journey. They stretch the officially given flight time by 30-50%, then bragging that nearly all of their flights arrive on time. I know the service is very cheap and it takes you from A to B, that’s why I use them, but I wish they treated me, the passenger, better and were upfront about their charges. This way the brand would bring to mind good associations instead of causing distaste.


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