Cake & coffee in Bruntsfield’s Falko Konditorei

Falko is amazing. Especially on a sunny day when it’s so pleasant to sit outside. They have a selection of beautiful cakes and their coffee is better than average. To be honest, I cannot even remember all the cakes they had, there were so many. Black Forrest gateau is the absolute hit and disappeares quickly. The place also serves soup and sandwiches – but if you are on a diet, don’t go there because you will be tempted!

I think the only disadvantage is that they close at 6 p.m.! And to avoid disappointment, please note they are closed on Mon & Tue .

I went with a friend of mine on a Sunny day at the end of March. It was too cold to sit out, but since it’s almost May and the weather has improved much, I sincerely recommend this place for your afternoon strolls.

When I visited their website, it said they also have a cafe in Gullane, which is an ideal combination: a walk on the beach first, and then something sweet to gain the lost calories (haha).


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