Conspiracy theory #77

What is happening in British politics at the moment is pathetic. And terrifying.

Someone wanted to get rid of Gordon Brown and they achieved their goal. He was too independent, did too much thinking on his own and was taking too many good decisions. He was not a good puppet. Britain was doing too well.

All you people repeating the argument that Brown should have foreseen the economic crisis – you must be kidding. What is he, a future teller? Even American economists, living in the country where the credit crunch came from, could not see it coming. I don’t even want to comment on the other arguments that were made. BBC should be ashamed of themselves for this witch-hunt.

And this guy Clegg, who is this person? A new-born tv star? It sure seems so.

Oh, I hate what is going on. People voted for something and will be get something else. (I will not be complaining, however, if the Tories are not getting the power.) The democracy is falling. Or failing. (As my high-school teacher used to say: it is not the ideal system, but the best available until now.)

Sorry for the moan. It is getting on my nerves. But I suppose it’s better knowing what’s going on than living in sweet ignorance. Or is it???


One Response to “Conspiracy theory #77”

  1. Rudziak Says:

    No i co zlego w torystach??? Nie jestem zwolenniczka socjalizmu w formie jaka prezentuja laburzysci. Co do Gordonka…. No coz…. Mial zaczac wyprowadzac kraj z kryzysu, a w zamian zwiekszyl zadluzenie kraju. Mial kilka pomyslow… Nietrafionych. Zapomnial, ze w czasach kryzysu trzeba oszczedzac i od tego wlascie chca zaczac torysci. Konserwatysci zawsze zle traktowali Szkocje, wiec nie dziwie sie, ze nastroje tutaj nie sa optymistyczne, ale za ich rzadow zawsze udawalo sie wyciagnac kraj z kryzysu. Czasem uzywali srodkow bolesnych ale… Przynajmniej robili wiecej niz tylko rozdawali benefity opaslym brytolom zbyt leniwym by pracowac.

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