Cake story

This is a story about three pieces of rhubarb cake.

The cake was made one Thursday evening and three pieces were taken by Ali to work on Friday. One of Ali’s friend, Dominique,  came to visit him so he gave her a piece.  With a heartache he watched her eat the one piece and half of the second piece while D. was saying: ‘it’s a very nice cake, it’s hard to stop eating’. The point is, D. usually eats like a bird (she would order a pizza, have two slices and give the rest to whoever is dining with her) but not this time!

Ali also texted his other friend/ workmate, Chrissy, that he had brought cake. She was having lunch in a bar around the corner and had already ordered her food. Ali went out to a shop for a while and when he was back, the cake was gone. What happened? Chrissy left the bar, run to the office, grabbed the cake and went back to the bar to have her lunch.

See, this is what a good cake can do to people!


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