Unhelpful, unkind people (at Urban Outfitters)

Unkind people can be stumbled upon anywhere. For me the most recent encounter was a couple of weeks ago when I went clothes shopping in Edinburgh’s Princes Street. I went straight after work and was wearing a shift dress. Halfway during my trip the hem of my dress came out. It looked embarassing so I thought I would try to temporarily attach it back. I happened to be in Urban Outfitters shop when I noticed it so I asked one of the shop assistants for help. He said he was a junior and could not help but would ask the team leader or shop manager (I cannot remember her title exactly). When the girl came, I explained the situation and asked (very politely) if she could spare me a pin. She replied that they did not sell pins (doh!). I said they probably used some for displays and maybe I could use just one to which she replied – sorry, the pins are for the shop’s purposes and I can’t give you any.

Come on, I was asking for a pin! Surely she would not become any poorer nor get in trouble for giving a pin to a customer! She was not even busy. The only explanation that I can come up with that she was one of those unhelpful people. I felt even more embarassed for being refused a PIN! What is more, I did not expect that and was left doumbounded – I could not even come up with a riposte. This ruined my day.

What’s the aim of this post? I suppose I want to give a word of warning or reminder that there are some unacommodating, awkward people out there and please do not assume that everyone is nice just because you are! Instead, be ready for all possibilities and – in the worst case – to counter-strike.

2 Responses to “Unhelpful, unkind people (at Urban Outfitters)”

  1. Drzazga Says:

    My wife was hit today in the paper shop by the vendor with power tape, after which the seller has not only apologized but started to laugh. The seller was passing tape via “air mail” to a costumer and she was in the way. So we may say you were lucky that they only refused you that pin, when they could stab you.

    • anna.drops Says:

      I sympathise! I hope you at least managed to say something to this person that made them feel uncomfortable.
      And yes, I can see how lucky I was!

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