Wild swimming in Trossachs

The plan was to go and swim in a lake (or loch) like we always used to do in the summer in Poland. Now here it’s Scotland and however beautiful the lochs are, the water feels ice cold. We decided to go along the Trossachs Trail to look for a suitable place. It is about 1,5 hours drive from Edinburgh city centre. We checked Loch Ard’s shores for a suitable way into the water but were not satisfied (dirty and foamy water at the shore) but Loch Chon appeared perfect (well, as good as it gets with the usual stony shores).

We found the best place to go into the water is to enter the car park with the big green wooden sign ‘Loch Chon’ and take the path to the left. There is a mini-peninsula with some trees and blueberry bushes and there are large stones where you can lay your clothes.

The water feels amazing and refreshing. It took me a long time to get in and I was close to backing out a few times but once you start swimming, it is absolutely wonderful. There’s nothing like it!

Afterwards we went on to have our sandwiches and tea while being able to admire the view over Loch Arklet. (For all the fans of wild swimming I can say that Loch Arklet made a too creepy impression on me to swim in it, especially with the deserted building on the shore near to B829).

That was a good trip but I miss the lakes of Pomerania anyway!


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