Better than crispy and creme

Some time ago, while taking me on a trip to London, my boyfriend was telling me about these amazing donuts called Krispy Kreme. He kept repeating how amazing they were, although he didn’t need to – the name itself spoke to my imagination. I was very excited, as I am a fan of donuts, however, I stood by my claim that there are no better donuts than the ones made in Poland.

We went to Harrods and ordered a box of twelve. You can imagine my disappointment when I had the first bite, and the next ones – the donuts were neither crispy nor creme. What is more, for me the flavour was completely artificial. (To be fair, I should add Krispy Kreme is not a British brand.)

Recently we went to Poland and the subject of donuts reappeared (actually it was a point in the agenda all along). We went to a bakery in Gdansk’s Dluga Street and we ate a donut each. My boyfriend shyly stated that it was good but he wouldn’t say it was better than KK, hearing which I decided he would be fed as many donuts as it took to get him completely convinced. In the end we had to go to Pączuś in Gdynia (corner of 10. Lutego and Świętojańska Street) to achieve this goal. In Pączuś they sell warm donuts that had just been made; in fact, you can watch them put the jam in and icing on and then devour the beautiful thing! They wouldn’t allow me to take a photo so you have to go and see for yourself!


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