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Spoilt for cake

August 26, 2010

‘You are so spoilt’ says my boyfriend occasionally. The truth is we are both spoilt, especially when it comes to food. We eat fresh fruit every day, make our own packed lunch for work (he prepares mine – yes, I am his princess – and I bake cakes in return), have home-cooked dinner almost every day (made from good ingredients), and lately even… you will see. We eat out. We don’t drink coke.

The downside is, we also sporadically get ill after eating some artificial device of food when no other choice is avaiable. Then we suffer together.

Last week I baked this lovely Norwegian coffee cake – one plait with cinammon and one with dark chocolate (adapted recipe from Saffron and Blueberry). It was really something between cake and bread, because you could scoff it down for breakfast with butter and jam on top.

Then my brother aced me out. He made this lo-ve-ly bread. I know his a better cook than me but that doesn’t give him the right to barge into my kitchen and show off. And leave a mess. Well, this time I will let him off…

It looked easy enough even for me to make it – you don’t need a bread machine; you don’t even need fresh yeast, just use dry – so I stole the recipe! Next time I will make it myself. And I encourage everyone to make their loaves at home as well!


Climbing up Ben Lomond

August 24, 2010

Drive to Rowardennan. Get parked. Go up Ben Lomond. Admire the views. Come down. Easy-peasy…

P.S. Ben Lomond is 973 metres (3,192 feet) high, however, it appears to be much higher since its foot is not much above sea level. The mountain watches over Loch Lomond, which is the largest loch in the UK (24 miles long, 5 miles wide and up to 600 feet deep) and has 38 islands.

#2 great blog discovery of the day

August 17, 2010

Again, this is most likely a blog discovery of the year for me. Jonathan has been blessed with an Illuminated mind and thankfully chips in to the pool of brilliant but down-to-earth thinkers (ok, lets not get too carried away).

The blog gives tips on existential issues, like work (which takes up about 1/3 of our lives on average), passion in life, money. It speaks about problems that are very familiar to me, like why we do something just because it might prove useful later in life or will look good in our CV, and explains clearly and logically why this approach is stupid. An important read if you are not entirely happy in your (professional) life!

#1 great blog discovery of the day

August 17, 2010

It might as well be my #1 great blog discovery of the month or year. It is the Stay at Home Babe which is shocking, hilarious, brutally honest and feels so fresh and genuine, a primeval pleasure to read (decided to go with this expression). This lady has a talent, so if you want to spend ten minutes during the day reading someone’s blog, it has to be this one!

Edinburgh Festival Update

August 16, 2010

This is what goes on on a festival Saturday in Royal Mile. Who says you have to pay for a ticket? Get your previews in the street.

“The Way to Keep Him” – I hope she didn’t get a sunburn as neither of the adorers would want her any more.

I wonder if this is traditional clothing and make up of some Asian country – looks very colorful although I did not stop to ask.

“Babbling Comedy” by Perfordians (perfoming comedians) from Korea looks hilarious at first sight, just makes me want to go and see the whole show.

I stood for good fifteen minutes watching the Grafitti Classics perform. These people not only play instruments – they also sing, dance, do stand-up comedy and make silly faces! Higly entertaining.








If you feel like watching a serious, awaremess raising performance, please go and see “Oh What a Lovely War on Terror”. Oh, no, wait! It is a satirical pantomime!


She wasn’t very happy, I presume it was the heat and sun and the clothing that added to her grumpiness.


It wasn’t clear whether he was a performer or a passer-by. He seemed like an interesting persona, either way.

I do admit, there is “Something about jumpers”. This one looked like a umbilical cord to me.

This adaptation of “Ovid’s Metamorphoses” can take you to 1940‘s Britain. Why is the nurse so happy?

My brother the chef

August 14, 2010

My brother is (hopefully) going to be a doctor some day but in his free time he enjoys playing with food (I dare to call it this). He cooked us an exquisite dinner for his birthday. We had chicken liver terrine with complicated dressing I cannot recall and seabass stuffed with creamed scallops with red pepper sauce.

This is not a story to tell but rather to show in photos, plus I want to brag about my brother a little.

The Late Late Show (with Paul Zenon and Mikelangelo)

August 8, 2010

While the hosts of the Late Late Show are charming (Mikelangelo singing cabaret songs with his elvisque baritone and Paul Zenon presenting magic tricks, one of which is even memorable), the real stars are their guests who come to present samples of their own Fringe shows. In consequence, you get a few shows in one!

Whereas some guests were more brilliant and some were less engaging, it was a very entertaining evening that finished almost at 3 a.m. Perhaps it lasted that long as it was the premiere, however, the audience could not complain. In my opinion the most talented guests in this edition were The Tiger Lillies (astounding dark songs), Simon Munnery (hilarious stand-up by a very modest guy), Paul Putner and Glen Richardson (daft but rolling-on-the-floor funny gags and songs like snack reggae gospel) and the Card Ninja. I’d like to mention that after seeing samples of performances by kinky gymnasts the Wau Wau Sisters and singer Saint Clare (yawn), I would not go to their full shows.

One way or another, this was good entertainment, and I urge you with clear conscience to get tickets to this show (or the other ones mentioned above – apart from two!). You might, however, see other guests, I heard, for instance Arj Barker, Camille O’Sullivan, Phil Kay, The Magnets, Simon Evans, Robin Ince, Meow Meow, Micky Flanagan, Bruce Airhead, Lynn Ruth Miller or the Bevvy Sisters.

Camille ‘Chameleon’

August 6, 2010

Camille’s new show is fabulous. New songs (she said 90% of the songs were sung for the first time in front of audience), new stage setting, just the same voice, charisma and silly faces. The garments are very bling bling. It is a mixture of comedy and sad songs so when you come out, you feel happy but you also feel like your hart is a little broken.

Camille’s voice is very powerful, it can be gentle, it can be very strong; similarly her personality: one moment tears welling up in her eyes, next minute – a magnetic look. You can see these unending supplies of energy trying to find a vent. You feel like clapping, shouting and stomping about together with her!

Highly recommended. Meow!

Donuts follow-up

August 2, 2010

A friend of my brother’s came from Poland today; he had been asked to bring some donuts with him which proved to be a feasible request. So today, everyone, I am having amazing fresh Polish donuts! And tomorrow I will be having reheated Polish donuts!

Not even Polish bakery in Edinburgh can make such scrumptious donuts.