The Late Late Show (with Paul Zenon and Mikelangelo)

While the hosts of the Late Late Show are charming (Mikelangelo singing cabaret songs with his elvisque baritone and Paul Zenon presenting magic tricks, one of which is even memorable), the real stars are their guests who come to present samples of their own Fringe shows. In consequence, you get a few shows in one!

Whereas some guests were more brilliant and some were less engaging, it was a very entertaining evening that finished almost at 3 a.m. Perhaps it lasted that long as it was the premiere, however, the audience could not complain. In my opinion the most talented guests in this edition were The Tiger Lillies (astounding dark songs), Simon Munnery (hilarious stand-up by a very modest guy), Paul Putner and Glen Richardson (daft but rolling-on-the-floor funny gags and songs like snack reggae gospel) and the Card Ninja. I’d like to mention that after seeing samples of performances by kinky gymnasts the Wau Wau Sisters and singer Saint Clare (yawn), I would not go to their full shows.

One way or another, this was good entertainment, and I urge you with clear conscience to get tickets to this show (or the other ones mentioned above – apart from two!). You might, however, see other guests, I heard, for instance Arj Barker, Camille O’Sullivan, Phil Kay, The Magnets, Simon Evans, Robin Ince, Meow Meow, Micky Flanagan, Bruce Airhead, Lynn Ruth Miller or the Bevvy Sisters.


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