Edinburgh Festival Update

This is what goes on on a festival Saturday in Royal Mile. Who says you have to pay for a ticket? Get your previews in the street.

“The Way to Keep Him” – I hope she didn’t get a sunburn as neither of the adorers would want her any more.

I wonder if this is traditional clothing and make up of some Asian country – looks very colorful although I did not stop to ask.

“Babbling Comedy” by Perfordians (perfoming comedians) from Korea looks hilarious at first sight, just makes me want to go and see the whole show.

I stood for good fifteen minutes watching the Grafitti Classics perform. These people not only play instruments – they also sing, dance, do stand-up comedy and make silly faces! Higly entertaining.








If you feel like watching a serious, awaremess raising performance, please go and see “Oh What a Lovely War on Terror”. Oh, no, wait! It is a satirical pantomime!


She wasn’t very happy, I presume it was the heat and sun and the clothing that added to her grumpiness.


It wasn’t clear whether he was a performer or a passer-by. He seemed like an interesting persona, either way.

I do admit, there is “Something about jumpers”. This one looked like a umbilical cord to me.

This adaptation of “Ovid’s Metamorphoses” can take you to 1940‘s Britain. Why is the nurse so happy?


2 Responses to “Edinburgh Festival Update”

  1. Alex Says:

    I was a member of the cast for ‘Something About Jumpers’ – how amazing it is to find a photo of us out on the street taken by a passer-by!

    Ah, memories 😛

  2. anna.drops Says:

    Glad to read this!
    I am sentimental, too 😉

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