Spoilt for cake

‘You are so spoilt’ says my boyfriend occasionally. The truth is we are both spoilt, especially when it comes to food. We eat fresh fruit every day, make our own packed lunch for work (he prepares mine – yes, I am his princess – and I bake cakes in return), have home-cooked dinner almost every day (made from good ingredients), and lately even… you will see. We eat out. We don’t drink coke.

The downside is, we also sporadically get ill after eating some artificial device of food when no other choice is avaiable. Then we suffer together.

Last week I baked this lovely Norwegian coffee cake – one plait with cinammon and one with dark chocolate (adapted recipe from Saffron and Blueberry). It was really something between cake and bread, because you could scoff it down for breakfast with butter and jam on top.

Then my brother aced me out. He made this lo-ve-ly bread. I know his a better cook than me but that doesn’t give him the right to barge into my kitchen and show off. And leave a mess. Well, this time I will let him off…

It looked easy enough even for me to make it – you don’t need a bread machine; you don’t even need fresh yeast, just use dry – so I stole the recipe! Next time I will make it myself. And I encourage everyone to make their loaves at home as well!


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