Bake off

I am going mad this week! …mad about baking.

Two days ago I baked my First Ever Loaf of Bread! (My boyfriend said it’s better than anything you can buy!) Yesterday we had rosemary flatbread (which accompanied cauliflower soup as first course of our dinner) and today – bread sticks and an apple & blackberry cake with a twist (both came out amazing and scrumptious).

And this all – only because my sweetheart is working long hours and I am on my own in the house. That’s one of the reasons. I also decided it is time we had our own home-made bread. Thirdly, perhaps I have been watching too many cooking programmes on tv.

Apart from that, I just enjoy cooking, in particular that our kitchen is very sunny as opposed to the living room, and that’s another reason I prefer to spend time in here. What is better, I moved my laptop so that I can listen to music or watch some series with the corner of my eye while cooking or baking! (Don’t laugh but these days it’s usually Ugly Betty; series 4 is hilarious!) Either way you look, it’s a win.

P.S. Recipes can be found here: Twisted Breadsticks with Herbs taken from the Kitchen of Oz by Ozhan Ozturk (my breadsticks were sprinkled with sesame and fennel flower seeds and flakes of sea salt); my apple and blackberry cake is in fact an adaptation of Apple, Raisin, Cranberry and Hazelnut Chocolate Cake from Chocolate Shavings – in my version cranberries were replaced with equally delicious blackberries.


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