Let’s all bake bread!

This will have to be a very quick post as it’s Edinburgh holiday, a day off, and I am going out to see my friend who is also off work today.

[Have you noticed the prices of food go up again? They say it is because the wheat is more expensive. Well, perhaps the prices of wheat have risen but I am affraid that the difference does not go to farmers, it goes to the middlemen, as usual. Another thing is, it is difficult to buy decent bread these days. And if you find a fresh, crusty loaf, it will cost you two or three pounds. Isn’t it ridiculous?]

At the weekend I was baking bread again. It is so easy that I felt obligated to shout it out in the cyberspace: why don’t we all bake our own bread!?!? My first bread was a no-knead one, and although I took the recipe from my favourite Smitten Kitchen blog, it is probably easier to watch a 5 minute video on The New York Times – and you know it all! (As you can see, it was a craze in NY in 2006 – how far behind are we?)

My second (and third) home-made loaf of bread ever looked like this:

Less than perfect, I know. It was supposed to be ‘rustic white bread’ (see Smitten Kitchen for what it should look like – Deb went to a bread-making class, though). I am, however, expecting to improve in time. Because when it comes to baking bread, the only skill you need is patience.

Happy baking!


One Response to “Let’s all bake bread!”

  1. EWA Says:

    Brakuje tylko…… nutelli 😛

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