Naivety and keeping your word

When you meet an old friend, whom you haven’t seen for years (and that was for a reason), yet she/he says ‘We should catch up, I’ll give you a call/ give me a call’ – they don’t mean it. So you reply ‘Sure’ and don’t mean it. You both know it’s not going to happen. Or do you?

In my naivety I used to take people’s words as they were uttered. I believed when you were giving your word, you should try your hardest to deliver. Life’s taught me that – as bad as it is to lie – under certain circumstances it is acceptable to say things without really meaning them. It’s part of the social contract. ‘I will see you’, ‘Let’s keep in touch’ can often be just empty phrases. Both parties, however, need to know that. Right???


2 Responses to “Naivety and keeping your word”

  1. pete Says:

    wow what a discovery. in this world baby you say whatever you need to get you through, most of us do that, for politeness or for personal gain, so don’t worry when you say things you don;t mean, sometimes it’s just necessary..

  2. aida Says:

    What about when people ask you “how are you” – they don’t want want to hear about your problems, they just want to hear back “fine, thanks, and you?” This is the British way. You exchange a few polite words and keep going!

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