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Talisker Bay, Isle of Skye

October 17, 2010

A pick of a photo from a recent trip to the Isle of Skye. End of October, luck had it the sun was shining like mad. A piece of heaven on Earth.

It’s an unusual angle, from the left side of the beach. It took me a while to climb all the way to the very left on slippery stones as I was curious ‘if there was something around the corner’ – unfortunately the water was to high to get there but my reward was this amazing view.


Scottish delicacies explained

October 15, 2010

Today at lunch we were having a chat with my workmates about weird but fantastic Scottish food inventions. I have made some discoveries about what people here like to eat:

  • deep-fried Mars bar must be at the top of the list – it’s the perfectly ordinary chocolate bar dipped in a flour batter (the same batter that is used e.g. for fish) and fried in oil. Tastes sweet and melting-in-the-mouth like a sticky toffee pudding and it’s difficult to finish a whole one.
  • chip butty (or a chip roll) is a bread roll cut in half, spread with butter and filled with hot chips. I haven’t had one yet but apparently it’s heavenly as the chips make the butter melt.
  • roll with crisps is exactly what it sounds – a bread roll filled with crisps, some say plain Walker’s are best for this purpose. Similarly, a pie roll is a roll cut in half with a piece of meat pie put in it. I have been told a roll with banana and crisps is delicious (however strange it sounds).
  • sarnie means a sandwich – two slices of bread with filling in between.
  • steak pie and fish supper (another name for fish and chips) are typical dishes you can get for your tea (dinner).
  • boiled egg and soldiers was something my workmate from my old job loved having for breakfast as a boy (he still loves it, in fact, especially on Sunday mornings). Soldiers are a piece of toast bread cut into strips that you then dip in your soft-boiled egg yolk. You can’t say this is not delicious!
  • a piece with sugar is also something usually kids would eat – a piece of bread with butter and sugar sprinkled on top. Even I was partial to it as a kid!

Aren’t these all quirky but wonderful?

I also got two quick recipes: the first one is a Mars bar sauce to be had with ice-cream (melt a Mars bar, mix with some cream) and the other – a Crunchie dessert (wrap a couple of Crunchie bars in a dish cloth, smash into pieces, mix with double creme, leave for a few hours in the fridge to melt together – ready!).

Do you know any other Scottish/ British favourites that you tried and loved, too?

A Sunday trip to Burntisland

October 11, 2010

Reminiscence of another trip to Burtisland – sun, water, rocks, two girls and one guy(!), smily faces and two photo cameras. These were taken at the beginning of September this year.

(Burntisland lies on the other side of the Firth of Forth, about 45 minutes from Edinburgh by car. Apart from a train line, there is also a Stagecoach X58/X60 bus connection which goes from Edinburgh to Kirkcaldy and stops at Burntisland – the journey takes over an hour.)

Blog discoveries of the day: Boing Boing and Kottke

October 11, 2010

#1 blog discovery of the day: Boing Boing. It contains really funky bite-size chunks from the internet that your friend’s have not yet heard about. Be the first amongst your pals to discover and pass the cool stuff on! It is more fancy than EpicWin, a little nerdy maybe but still very much on the cool side.

The best bits from recent entries are, in my opinion: Simpson’s intro directed by Banksy, Ambiguous rabbitduck (remember discussion in How I Met Your Mother?) and Carmex packaging redesign (simple yet hilarious).

#2 blog discovery: Kottke – again, slightly geeky (meaning intelligent) cool stuff, no cheesy/cringworthy bits! Check the shiny ball of mudd, see what you get when you buy a McChicken sandwich and see the American version of the map of Europe.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!