Blog discoveries of the day: Boing Boing and Kottke

#1 blog discovery of the day: Boing Boing. It contains really funky bite-size chunks from the internet that your friend’s have not yet heard about. Be the first amongst your pals to discover and pass the cool stuff on! It is more fancy than EpicWin, a little nerdy maybe but still very much on the cool side.

The best bits from recent entries are, in my opinion: Simpson’s intro directed by Banksy, Ambiguous rabbitduck (remember discussion in How I Met Your Mother?) and Carmex packaging redesign (simple yet hilarious).

#2 blog discovery: Kottke – again, slightly geeky (meaning intelligent) cool stuff, no cheesy/cringworthy bits! Check the shiny ball of mudd, see what you get when you buy a McChicken sandwich and see the American version of the map of Europe.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


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