Scottish delicacies explained

Today at lunch we were having a chat with my workmates about weird but fantastic Scottish food inventions. I have made some discoveries about what people here like to eat:

  • deep-fried Mars bar must be at the top of the list – it’s the perfectly ordinary chocolate bar dipped in a flour batter (the same batter that is used e.g. for fish) and fried in oil. Tastes sweet and melting-in-the-mouth like a sticky toffee pudding and it’s difficult to finish a whole one.
  • chip butty (or a chip roll) is a bread roll cut in half, spread with butter and filled with hot chips. I haven’t had one yet but apparently it’s heavenly as the chips make the butter melt.
  • roll with crisps is exactly what it sounds – a bread roll filled with crisps, some say plain Walker’s are best for this purpose. Similarly, a pie roll is a roll cut in half with a piece of meat pie put in it. I have been told a roll with banana and crisps is delicious (however strange it sounds).
  • sarnie means a sandwich – two slices of bread with filling in between.
  • steak pie and fish supper (another name for fish and chips) are typical dishes you can get for your tea (dinner).
  • boiled egg and soldiers was something my workmate from my old job loved having for breakfast as a boy (he still loves it, in fact, especially on Sunday mornings). Soldiers are a piece of toast bread cut into strips that you then dip in your soft-boiled egg yolk. You can’t say this is not delicious!
  • a piece with sugar is also something usually kids would eat – a piece of bread with butter and sugar sprinkled on top. Even I was partial to it as a kid!

Aren’t these all quirky but wonderful?

I also got two quick recipes: the first one is a Mars bar sauce to be had with ice-cream (melt a Mars bar, mix with some cream) and the other – a Crunchie dessert (wrap a couple of Crunchie bars in a dish cloth, smash into pieces, mix with double creme, leave for a few hours in the fridge to melt together – ready!).

Do you know any other Scottish/ British favourites that you tried and loved, too?


7 Responses to “Scottish delicacies explained”

  1. ALison Says:

    What about stovies? Perfect on a cold day.

    Also, a thin slice of Mars Bar inserted into a banana and baked for 20 minutes is heaven on earth, although not particularly Scottish.

    Another word for sarnie is ‘piece’ – normally a ‘jam piece’. A sandwich with jam inside.

    • anna.drops Says:

      You’re right Alison, this is the perfect time of year for stovies. Do you have your own way of making stovies? I heard they’re done differently depending on which part of Scotland you’re from.

      I also remembered a friend of mine made corned beef hash for me once – not bad at all!

      I must try the banana with Mars. Why did I get all these recipes now when I’m trying to reduce my sweet tooth?

  2. Rudziak Says:

    jajka na miekko z “zolnierzami” sa bardzo popularne w innych czesciach Europy, wiec nie jest to przysmak szkocki. Za to scottish eggs… jak najbardziej! Mniam…

  3. Rudziak Says:

    Do you want recipes??? You can buy them but home made are better! What about dundee cake?? Dundee cake is also scottish. Yumm, yumm:)

  4. Rudziak Says:

    Not yet, but I`m working on it. Its not easy if you dont have deep fry pan:/

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