It snows, snows, snows…

Yesterday and today it was snowing heavily – not heavy enough, though, to bring the city to a halt. Yet…


2 Responses to “It snows, snows, snows…”

  1. chriscaff Says:

    Brrr. It’s a while since I’ve visited your great city, and the sun was shining. You’ve certainly captured the atmoshere and cold. I’m in the midlands and we’ve had a bit. More to come this week they say. I’ll be out with my camera again when it does.

    • anna.drops Says:

      Hi Chris. Thanks for dropping by!
      All the Edinburgh people I know were complaining about the snow but I just loved it (in moderation, though, probably). The whiteness is definitely preferable to greyness of rain.
      I will sure check your photos and hope you visit again!

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