A really bad news channel

Do you like reading John Grisham? Enjoy watching political thrillers? Here it is enough to put the news on. BBC News. The manipulating force in Britain.

News programmes usually take half an hour. The British convention is to first report about the country’s politics, then move to unimportant stories like some architect’s death – these two blocks take up about 15 minutes; next they report on international issues for about 2-3 minutes followed by 10  minutes of sport news and a 2 minute weather report. They love reporting for hours and months on end about some girl who went missing while on holiday in Portugal or another missing girl, later found inside her uncle’s sofa. Well done, boys! Another subject on the agenda might be a swinger’s club habitué politician or the colour of the dress of Prince William’s fiancée, taking up three quarters of the news time. Not meaning to sound too obsessed, I would call it a great strategy of distracting viewers’ attention from the actual significant current world issues.

Another tactic used in British news (by BBC in particular) is to twist the truth a little bit and continue brain-washing the unexpecting viewer. This morning, for example, I watched a programme called Review on BBC News channel. It talked about the most recent general election and the coalition formed as its result. According to Laura Kuenssberg of BBC News, David Laws’s time as the Treasury Secretary was ‘cut short by allegations over his expenses’ (where they really only allegations, Laura?) and he was a ‘casualty’ of the coalition (are dishonest politicians called casualties nowaday?).

The one good thing about the programme was that it showed politics in Britain is more about stardom than keeping one’s promises – as shows the example of Nick Clegg.

For a while now I have been finding watching the news upsets me. This is not because they show tragedy and sad stories but because they try to feed people this pulp of distorted and re-formed information spam.  And now Vince Cable, the person who could ‘take’ Rupert Murdoch, has been deprived of his power. Why? Because he is one of few who dared to say the truth?


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