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Mark Beaumont

May 18, 2011

Today – an exciting talk by Mark Beaumont.

Fresh after graduating he cycled the world, broke a speed record while at it, recorded a documentary about it, wrote a book, set up a company and is now planning further adventures.

This is how to live your dreams!

Raw asparagus tastes better

May 17, 2011

If I hadn’t seen this recipe on SmittenKitchen and tried it, I would have never known how tasty raw asparagus is. I decided that I prefer the raw to cooked one – there is just one condition: it has to be first quality locally sourced produce!

The gorgeous sweetness of raw asparagus begins to fade with its freshness – as soon as it is picked from the field, the process of turning sugar into starch is activated inside. Therefore, when making a salad like that, make sure the way and time your asparagus spent travelling from the farmer to the deli wasn’t very long.

Facts: asapargus is a low fat, low sodium food but is rich in fiber, protein, iron and vitamins (vit. A, C, E, K and B6).  

To make this salad you will need:

  • green or white! asparagus, lemon juice, olive oil, freshly shaved parmesan, toasted pine nuts, sea salt and black pepper. 

Shave off long strips of asparagus with a vegetable peeler, add parmesan and pine nuts and dress with a lemon vinaigrette. Enjoy!

Deutche Postmen have yellow bikes

May 10, 2011

Yellow is an uplifting and energetic colour. It evokes joy, optimism and happiness and has been told to stimulate the mind. The colour has been chosen to represent brands such as Kodak, Shell, DHL, Ferrari, Ikea, AA (and also Batman).

No wonder Deutche Post want to associate their services as ones to brighten up your day!


May 9, 2011

This camera is sharp, vintage, classy. I fell in love from the first sight. Santa, I know it is early in the year, but please put one of those under my Christmas tree this year.

Even songs were written about Rollei cameras (well, not quite – I realise Desafinados this is a love song):

       Fotografei você na minha Rolleiflex
       Revelouse a sua enorme ingratidão
Só não poderá falar assim do meu amor
Este é o maior que você pode encontrar


I photographed you with my Rolleiflex
It exposed your enormous ingratitude
Only you will not be able to speak of my love like this
As this is better than you could find


May 8, 2011

The story is indeed fantastic: Neuschwanstein castle was built by Bavarian king Ludgwig II. The king was fascinated (if not madly obsessed) with Richard Wagner’s work, especially an opera telling the story of knight Lohengrin accompanied by a swan on his mission to rescue princess Elsa.

According to medieval German legends, Lohengrin was a knight of the Holy Grail. He sets out to protect a princess, whose kingdom could otherwise fall prey to neighbouring rulers after her father died without leaving a male heir. The knight travels on a boat pulled by a swan – at the end of the journey the swan proves to be a young man under a spell and is turned back into a human.  Lohengrin is able to defend the kingdom with help of mystical powers which last as long as the princess does not know his name or provenance. One day princess Elsa asks the forbidden question and Lohengrin has to leave, never to return again.

The symbolic swan can be seen in many places in the caste: as an ornament of chandeliers, tableware, furniture. The story of Lohengrin was depicted on the walls of the drawing room in the castle, and murals from the story of Parsival (his father) and the Holy Grail adorn walls in the Singers’ Hall.

Schloss Neuschwanstein was inspired by the castle of Wartburg near Eisenach and served in turn as a model for Walt Disney’s Cinderella castle.

The story of Ludwig II himself is even more interesting but would take at least a couple of hours to tell.