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Anna D Photography

July 30, 2011

After much hard work and with help of a few friends and one professional (Awdesign), my business finally has an online presence. This is so exciting!

Please visit my website, Anna D Photography, have a snoop around, and let me know your impressions. I will be happy to hear your opinions, including (or especially) those containing constructive criticism!

There is also a facebook page where you can find posts regarding all matters photography, eg new techniques and local exhibitions or workshops. Keep up-to-date!

Photography Monthly

July 20, 2011

Today I discovered the Photography Monthly Magazine.

After reading a few articles I was really impressed by the quality of content. What I read was no space-filling blabber but honest, useful and detailed pieces.

The magazine has such stars as Brian Smith and Ian Phillips-McLaren writing for them and not sparing their secrets on shooting or post-processing (please read Your Ultimate 2011 Technique Guide: Portraits). I love the detailed techniques descriptions.

There is also Guy Gowan stripping PhotoShop naked for us, ordinary users (The five great lies of Photoshop). I found his comments both strict and invaluable.

From now on – they have me as a regular reader.

‘White Fever’ by Jacek Hugo-Bader

July 17, 2011

Did you know that within Russia there exists a small republic of Transnistria (it is unrecognised by other countries) whose main product is an exquisite and expensive cognac? Did you know that Lake Baykal (which is bigger than some seas) has a shore with dead bodies of sailors frozen to its rocks? Did you know that vodka can have hallucinogenic effects?

In Jacek Hugo-Bader’s book you will find this and many other incredible but factual stories about different parts of the vast Russian country and its people. That’s why I find the under-title misleading – the book is about so much more than just how to survive the Siberian cold.

The author meets various people on his way across Russia, he drinks with the bums, talks with prostitutes and hears confessions of dead miners’ wives and HIV carriers. He tells a first-hand experience of life in Russia. This is a Michael Palin type of story. If you are interested in how other people live, how they cope and what they think – in this case the different ethnicities and social groups in Russia – it is a must-read for you.  

The book is absolutely terrific, I read it in Polish and am so happy it has been translated – I am buying the English version for a friend.