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My latest web discovery: the Hairpin

August 19, 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that – it’s like an instant women’s magazine with more and less serious advice, tips, news (from the unusual category) and fashion, written in an intelligent and witty way. It’s a good break-filler, something to read on the bus or while waiting for a friend who’s running late. The Hairpin!

To give you an idea of some topics, I have listed a couple of interesting ones below:

Worth mentioning – it is also one of the best blogs of 2011 according to Times.

How many people write for that site??? They have about a million posts a day!


Dovecot Café, Edinburgh

August 7, 2011

Today we went to Dovecot Café. Their coffee (by Stag Espresso) is for the ones that like it on the sour side. There is a variety of cakes, too.

This cafe is close to the Old Town, yet secluded, so pleasantly placid. It was recommended by a friend – and yes, her name  was to be found on the loyalty wall. My boyfriend says whenever a new cafe opens in Edinburgh they immediately email her (the friend) – or perhaps she has a new-cafe-must-try radar. She knows all the places!

It seemed the hip young parents knew Dovecot, too, as three couples/groups with children came into the cafe during the time we had our coffee.

Edinburgh Festivals 2011 have begun

August 6, 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Art Festival started yesterday (5th August 2011).

Despite some light rain, Royal Mile was crowded, as usual during the first weekend of Fringe. Both locals and tourists are drawn to watch street performers and also artists who are listed in the programme but are giving ‘tasters’ of their shows in the street. The first thing we were handed, while waiting at the crossroad for the lights to change, was a booklet with all the free shows arranged according to the hour.

The thing about Fringe is, even if you don’t have much money, you can have fun here in Edinburgh.