‘Life in the UK’ test

There haven’t been many new posts here lately as I’ve been keeping busy with other things – one of them was studying for the ‘Life in the UK’ test. To pass the test is a requirement for citizenship and indefinite leave to remain applications, depending what part of the world you came in from.

While looking for materials to study I noticed various people were trying to make money on the test at every stage. The book Life in the United Kingdom. A Journey to Citizenship Handbook (2nd Edition) cost £9.99 in the shops. There are also multiple websites offering online training or exercises on a CD or in books for a fee (e.g. £15. for a training package with 600 questions). You shouldn’t waste your money on these, as there are free resources available. The text of the book can be accessed at www.freelifeintheuk.com and it covers all required parts (chapters 2-6). A very helpful page has been set up by Hiren and Pankaj – it contains 55 online practice tests, again all for free. Once you’ve trained for a while, you can get an idea of what is awaiting at the real test.

The second thing I wanted to say here is that despite the whole process being very daunting (as ‘they’ are trying to intimidate people, making threats, e.g. “if you don’t come early enough, you will not be able to take the test”; “if you lose your certificate, you won’t get a replacement”, checking your ID more than once, etc.), once you are there at the PC, and provided you have studied enough, it is easy enough and takes about 5 minutes to finish.

Good luck, hope you pass at first attempt!



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