Souvenir from Rome

While in Rome, we bought an AS Roma frying pan. We found it on sale in a supermarket, it cost an incredible price of 5 euro. It proved most useful!

We were planning to discover and relish Italian food, however, it appeared Rome is not the best place for it. Restaurants sell overpriced, tourist-aimed food and the experience proved not to be worth the stress (e.g. did we pick the right place?) or the money (e.g. a main course might actually comprise of a single piece of meat – vegetables or sides have to be ordered separately).

In the same supermarket we got some beautiful steak which we then fried in the said pan (in our B&B’s kitchen). Yumm. There will be another time to try proper deliciout Italian food, and that time will not be in Rome.

As for the pan – it came with us to Edinburgh and keeps being used in the kitchen!





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