A team player or a lone wolf

I don’t do well with disappointments, especially if I am counting on a friend for something and they turn their back on me. As a result I once again tell myself that it’s best to only count on yourself.

Another thing that’s hard for me to deal with is networking. I dislike small talk and blowing my own trumpet, and that’s what you have to do mostly when it comes to networking. It’s perceived by me almost as a necessary evil.

Then an article like this one will crop up to open my eyes a bit wider. In professional (probably as well as personal) life a loner will lose out to a team. In a perfect team each member brings in unique but complementary skills. Big success stories highlight the individual and forget to mention the team (as this makes for a better movie script) but there always is a team.

Reid Hoffman also says: “a slightly-less-competent person who gets along with others and contributes on a team can be better for the company than somebody who’s 100 percent competent but isn’t a team player” – and I understand that. In conclusion, everybody needs a ‘we’ as well as an ‘I’ to succeed at work and at home:  ” ‘I’ vs. ‘We’ is a false choice. It’s both. Your career success depends on both your individual capabilities and your network’s ability to magnify them.”

Check out the article!


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