A bun in the oven

What happens during the last few weeks of pregnancy:

– sitting the usual way  is not comfortable as your belly gets in the way of your thighs;

– you keep discovering food stains on your top (former waist area) after meals and toothpaste foam after brushing teeth;

– not even three layers of clothing can hide your sticking out belly button;

– there is something pushing around inside of you, which makes you feel like you’re wearing ill-fitting clothes, but on the inside;

– your personal space expands even more, so that you shout at people in the queue to keep their distance;

– even small activities, like getting up in the morning or eating, make you tired;

– at night you make yourself go to sleep by doing Kegel squeezes;

– you wish you had bought that wedge pillow for your bump which you thought looked ridiculous in the picture;

– you dream about painting your toenails again.


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