Moving to a different continent

May 10, 2013

Kuwait it is, then.

I have moved, packed my belongings, cleared and cleaned the flat in Edinburgh (which took about two weeks of methodical work) and will be living in a different continent in the forseeable future.

I am missing all my friends and family, already, and the green, cold and windy capital of Scotland.


Kuwait (part 3.)

April 18, 2013

There is a green part to the city. It’s what you might call the gardening centre – a row of plant nursery shops in the Al-Rai area (Fourth Ring Road).

You can go and buy yourself a couple of lemon trees (which die within a couple of months because none of the family members can be bothered to regularly spray them with water). Or you point your finger to a huge palm which is then dug up and can be planted right in front of your own house.

gardening centre kuwait

Bonsai Bistro, Edinburgh

March 4, 2013

Visit to the Bonsai Bistro at West Richmond Street.

Dark dragon (tempura prawn and cucumber topped with avocado, eel and mayo) had a brilliant texture: soft with some crunchiness. The mayo could have been left out as it’s a bit like putting ketchup on the pizza.

We also had salmon & cucumber maki, sashimi with scallops – they were fresh and sweet (arrived 2 minutes after the picture was taken), and beef tataki. All really good and arrived quite quickly. The food made us ignore the student-budget decor.

The trouble with sushi is that it’s not lumberjack food. A. commented: “My stomach is not sure if I have eaten or if I’m going to eat.”


Cake wonderland

February 17, 2013

As much as I don’t think icing is good for you (or has any taste), I do admire the creativity behind these cakes. This is window display of the Corstorphine cake shop in Edinburgh.

all you need is love cake

I love me a steak

February 2, 2013

Something even better than Aberdeen Angus? North Highland beef please.

And how did I find out about it? By talking to the lovely butcher in the local supermarket.

My man thought it was the juiciest steak he had ever had.


Unexpected candy

December 29, 2012


Simple things are yummy, too

November 27, 2012

A recipe from a workmate for a delicious salad – the ingredients go together so well!

Chicken and watercress salad:

50 almonds

pack of watercress (or some mixed leaves)

celery stalks

450 g cooked chicken (breast)

juice of half an orange

30 ml mayonnaise

1. Toast almonds. 2. Beat orange juice into mayonnaise. 3. Chop watercress, celery and chicken. 4. Mix together.


Morningside Road

November 19, 2012

Panorama 1

A team player or a lone wolf

November 7, 2012

I don’t do well with disappointments, especially if I am counting on a friend for something and they turn their back on me. As a result I once again tell myself that it’s best to only count on yourself.

Another thing that’s hard for me to deal with is networking. I dislike small talk and blowing my own trumpet, and that’s what you have to do mostly when it comes to networking. It’s perceived by me almost as a necessary evil.

Then an article like this one will crop up to open my eyes a bit wider. In professional (probably as well as personal) life a loner will lose out to a team. In a perfect team each member brings in unique but complementary skills. Big success stories highlight the individual and forget to mention the team (as this makes for a better movie script) but there always is a team.

Reid Hoffman also says: “a slightly-less-competent person who gets along with others and contributes on a team can be better for the company than somebody who’s 100 percent competent but isn’t a team player” – and I understand that. In conclusion, everybody needs a ‘we’ as well as an ‘I’ to succeed at work and at home:  ” ‘I’ vs. ‘We’ is a false choice. It’s both. Your career success depends on both your individual capabilities and your network’s ability to magnify them.”

Check out the article!

Seen in Edinburgh

October 23, 2012

Seen in Edinburgh (Lauriston Place) – mini dwarfs.