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Raw asparagus tastes better

May 17, 2011

If I hadn’t seen this recipe on SmittenKitchen and tried it, I would have never known how tasty raw asparagus is. I decided that I prefer the raw to cooked one – there is just one condition: it has to be first quality locally sourced produce!

The gorgeous sweetness of raw asparagus begins to fade with its freshness – as soon as it is picked from the field, the process of turning sugar into starch is activated inside. Therefore, when making a salad like that, make sure the way and time your asparagus spent travelling from the farmer to the deli wasn’t very long.

Facts: asapargus is a low fat, low sodium food but is rich in fiber, protein, iron and vitamins (vit. A, C, E, K and B6).  

To make this salad you will need:

  • green or white! asparagus, lemon juice, olive oil, freshly shaved parmesan, toasted pine nuts, sea salt and black pepper. 

Shave off long strips of asparagus with a vegetable peeler, add parmesan and pine nuts and dress with a lemon vinaigrette. Enjoy!